Welcome to AbleCrafty, where we invite makers to create no matter their age or ability.

I’m Hannah, a stay-at-home mom of two with a passion for DIY crafts. I think being “a maker” is a great hobby for parents and kids alike. You can explore different mediums, spend a little or a lot of time on your pursuit, take time to focus on just yourself and what you’re making, and create something unique that makes the world a little more beautiful.

Since I’m in a wheelchair, I have to make accommodations depending on my project, but that’s actually part of the joy of DIY crafting for me. Showing my kids that their mom can tackle any DIY project that other moms and dads can makes me feel empowered, and I think it makes them feel proud!

I hope this site will inspire everyone who visits to make something that brings them joy no matter their age or abilities.